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ISSUE 10: Caterpillar advancing the use of alternative fuels in mining applications: Liquefied natural gas is abundant and environmentally friendly

As the industry has developed more economical and efficient methods for its recovery, natural gas has emerged as a cheap, environmentally friendly and abundant alternative to diesel and other fuels in applications across a number of industries. To help customers take advantage of this alternative fuel, Caterpillar is developing several technologies that will allow its use in engines in a number of applications.

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ISSUE 10: Mining a rich coal seam while managing the impact of operations

Armstrong Energy mines the rich coal seams of the United States’ Ohio River Valley, partnering with local Cat dealer Whayne Supply for equipment and support. The two organizations also share a focus on sustainability — recognizing the impact machines and mining operations have on the environments and communities where they operate.

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ISSUE 9: Rio Tinto and Caterpillar team up to fund nurse in central Queensland

A pink longwall shearer was recently unveiled at a coal mining project in central Queensland, Australia, to mark the start of a new friendship between Rio Tinto, Caterpillar Inc. and the McGrath Foundation, which raises money to place breast care nurses in communities across Australia and to increase breast cancer awareness in young women. » Read more

ISSUE 7: Osisko: A benchmark in responsible mining

When Osisko Mining Corporation started planning to build a mine in the middle of the town of Malartic, achieving maximum production wasn’t the first goal — having a positive impact on the community was. That’s why the company has done everything in its power to control dust, cut emissions, reduce noise and provide jobs to local workers.

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ISSUE 6: Film showcases companies that are mining right

The demand for minerals and raw materials is constantly increasing, and we all have to understand how we can meet that demand while protecting the world in which we live. "Ground Rules: Mining Right for a Sustainable Future" is a film by Caterpillar and Science North that helps raise awareness of everything the mining industry is already doing to operate sustainably while highlighting the importance of mining to everyday life around the world.

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