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Fatigue and distraction management

ISSUE 11: Fatigue and distraction management: Improving safety through technology and continuous improvement

Fatigue risk management systems can help improve safety for operators and other personnel on site.

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Access to up-to-date information helps miners lower costs

In today’s mining industry, when companies have a laser focus on lowering their total costs of machine ownership, having the right data available can be the difference between a productive day and a costly period of downtime.

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Change management makes the difference

ISSUE 11: Change management makes the difference: Overcoming preconceptions to ensure the successful deployment of autonomous haulage

While operators may be resistant to change when it comes to new technology, a good change-management process can help reduce or even overcome that resistance.

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Fleet management systems address three big challenges

Fleet management technologies can help surface mines solve a number of common problems to increase productivity and reduce costs.

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Underground automation: Reducing time for shift changes

Underground Automation technology can keep operators safe, increase productivity and drastically reduce the amount of time needed for shift changes.

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