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China Coal & Mining Expo

Asia’s largest mining expo brings industry leaders to Beijing

Miners from all over China and the rest of Asia recently attended the region’s largest coal industry tradeshow, the China Coal & Mining Expo, hosted by the China National Coal Group.

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Miners gather to see the latest in longwall products and technologies

Miners from around the world gathered in Pittsburgh, Pa., USA, in July 2017 for the Longwall USA exhibition and conference, where Caterpillar Inc. and Cat® dealer CB Mining presented a comprehensive look at complete Cat longwall systems, as well as the technologies and services that support them in the field.

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Determining the risk of operator fatigue

Determining the risk of operator fatigue: 5 essential questions

Today’s mining companies know that operator fatigue and distraction can impact safety, productivity and efficiency. The experts at Caterpillar Safety Services help miners determine their scope of risk so they can build a complete fatigue risk management system.

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MINExpo 2016

Caterpillar showcases iron — and beyond — at MINExpo 2016

MINExpo 2016 is a once-every-four-years opportunity for miners to find solutions to their biggest challenges — from increasing productivity to controlling costs, keeping workers safe to taking advantage of “big data.” In its MINExpo booth, Caterpillar focused on all of these topics — and more.

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MINExpo 2016 attendance

MINExpo 2016 surpasses attendance expectations

MINExpo 2016 attendance surpassed expectations and exhibitors found attendees were key decision-makers there to experience firsthand the latest innovations and technologies in the mining industry.

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LNG refueler introduced at MINExpo

First articulating LNG refueler introduced at MINExpo

A new machine introduced at MINExpo 2016 was developed to meet a specific need: how to efficiently and safely fuel machines powered by liquefied natural gas (LNG).

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Preventing  Fatigue

Helping workers understand and prevent fatigue

Caterpillar Safety Services recently developed an Employee Fatigue Handbook that helps workers understand how their decisions impact the quality and quantity of their sleep so they can make positive changes.

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Haul truck speed analysis

Haul truck speed analysis: Using data to increase productivity and reduce costs

By using machine data to measure hauling productivity and efficiency, mining companies can find ways to increase truck speed — and ultimately improve overall mine production and reduce costs.

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safest year ever completed

U.S. mines complete safest year ever: Deaths drop to new lows in 2015

Mines in the United States completed their safest year ever in 2015, recording the fewest fatalities in the history of American mining.

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Pinnacle mine breaks world record

ISSUE 11: Pinnacle mine breaks world record for plow production

The Cat plow at Pinnacle longwall mine in West Virginia, USA, broke a world record for plow production in 2012 — and again in 2014.

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ISSUE 11: Plows vs. shearers? Seam width is the determining factor

Plows have surpassed shearers as the cutting tool of choice for thin-seam longwall mining.

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Dozer delivers 20 years of services

ISSUE 11: Cat® Dozer delivers 20 years of reliable service in coal-rich Mongolia

A Cat Dozer has been providing reliable service at the Shivee-Ovoo mine in Mongolia for more than 20 years.

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Considering ground control challenges when selecting mining equipment

More than 250 mining industry professionals and dozens of experts, including a Caterpillar highwall mining specialist, gathered in July 2014 for the 33rd International Conference on Ground Control in Mining.

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Technology is key focus at high performance mining event

Technology and efficiency were the focus of the 6th International Symposium on High Performance Mining held in June 2014 in Aachen, Germany. Several representatives of Caterpillar’s longwall product group were among the experts who spoke at the event, which included a presentation on a new Caterpillar safety technology, Detect Personnel.

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Customer Campus gives Cat equipment owners access to training

Caterpillar University, an organization designed to train and support Cat dealers, has expanded to offer the Customer Campus, where users can conveniently access service training, safety training and operator training in one safe source.

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Women’s coalition shares importance of mining industry with U.S. leaders

Nearly 50 women from the mining industry recently participated in the Women’s Mining Coalition (WMC) fly-in in Washington, D.C., where they helped legislators understand what mining means in terms of jobs and how safety and environmental responsibility are key components of the industry today.

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ISSUE 10: Cat equipment on display at China’s largest coal expo

As China’s coal production grows, the bi-annual China Coal & Mining Expo grows with it. In 2013, more than 400 exhibitors hosted thousands of visitors from all levels of China’s rapidly expanding coal industry. Caterpillar expanded its exhibit at this show, giving visitors a look at their technologies and products for operations both above and below ground — including the unveiling of a new line of longwall roof supports that will be manufactured at the company’s Zhengzhou Ltd. Facility.

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ISSUE 9: Understanding our changing world: MINExpo provides opportunity to discuss key industry topics

While products were definitely the big draw to MINExpo 2012, issues facing the mining industry were key topics throughout the three-day event. From an opening session that brought together mining leaders from around the world, to Caterpillar executive speaking on the exhibit floor, topics like safety and sustainability, government regulations, changing global economies and population growth all took center stage during the event.

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ISSUE 9: MINExpo’s size and scale are a testament to the industry

Bigger and better than ever. This was the promise made by the National Mining Association (NMA) for what to expect at MINExpo 2012. And the NMA delivered in every possible way.

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ISSUE 8: Skills development: An opportunity to improve the bottom line

Mine owners know that training operators to work safely and productively is important to their operations. A new trend in the industry has companies taking a look at skills development from a different perspective  —incorporating training into their strategic objectives and measuring how operator productivity affects the bottom line.

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ISSUE 7: Women: An untapped resource for the global skills crisis

As the mining industry continues to feel the effects of a global skills crisis, it becomes clearer every day that we need all hands on deck. And while women make up nearly half of the global workforce, they are sorely underrepresented in mining. Fortunately, a number of initiatives are under way to help encourage women to bring their skills to the industry at all levels.

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ISSUE 6: Fleet management: Getting ready for the upturn

In 2009, the mining industry went through the same downturn as everyone else. As commodity prices dipped, mine owners had to make tough decisions regarding their equipment and employees. But the industry will be strong again, and there are a number of steps owners can take to ensure that their operation is ready for tomorrow’s opportunities. Caterpillar stands side by side with its customers, helping them keep their fleets ready for the upswing.

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ISSUE 5: Mining industry draws over 40,000 to MINExpo: Caterpillar presents show’s largest exhibit

In September 2008, the National Mining Association hosted their largest MINExpo event to date in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. With nearly 42,000 registered attendees and 1,300 exhibitors from all over the world, MINExpo 2008 allowed representatives from every aspect of the mining industry to show their products, technologies, people and services to the entire industry.

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ISSUE 5: Mining industry employs creative solutions to solve skills shortage: Workforce development is critical focus for many companies

While maintaining a workforce with the specialized skills necessary for mining has always been a challenge, the industry has faced a true skills crisis in recent years. This decline can be attributed to a number of factors, including decreases in commodities prices; but what’s important is finding solutions. Companies around the world, including Caterpillar, are working on innovative ways to better educate existing workers and draw new, young employees to the field.

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ISSUE 5: The Men of the Deeps: Shining a light on the miner’s life

Coal mining is a way of life in many parts of the world, with its own rich history and traditions. The Men of the Deeps, a choir of working and retired coal miners from an island in Nova Scotia, Canada, help to preserve their region’s history through song. In 2008, the group performed at a Caterpillar event as part of MINExpo in a moving tribute to the hardworking men and women of the mining industry. » Read more

ISSUE 2: Mining boom leads to increase in greenfield operations: Newmont is moving toward success in Ghana

It’s not easy to develop a greenfield mine in a remote area, but the rewards can be considerable — for both the mining company and the community. When Newmont began operations in Ghana, West Africa, one of the first priorities was respecting the local communities and impacting them in a positive way. Working with Cat dealer Mantrac Ghana, Ltd, Newmont was able to develop a stable, sustainable operation that brought profit to both Newmont and the Ahafo region of Ghana.

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ISSUE 2: Coal: Solution for an energy-dependent world

The world’s dependence on energy is increasing every day, especially in countries like India and China. And while significant strides are being made in alternative energy production methods like wind and solar power, coal remains one of the best sources of energy available. This flexible, abundant fuel is present all over the world, and can help answer the growing energy needs of an increasingly connected world.

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