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ISSUE 7: Women: An untapped resource for the global skills crisis

As the mining industry continues to feel the effects of a global skills crisis, it becomes clearer every day that we need all hands on deck. And while women make up nearly half of the global workforce, they are sorely underrepresented in mining. Fortunately, a number of initiatives are under way to help encourage women to bring their skills to the industry at all levels.

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ISSUE 6: Fleet management: Getting ready for the upturn

In 2009, the mining industry went through the same downturn as everyone else. As commodity prices dipped, mine owners had to make tough decisions regarding their equipment and employees. But the industry will be strong again, and there are a number of steps owners can take to ensure that their operation is ready for tomorrow’s opportunities. Caterpillar stands side by side with its customers, helping them keep their fleets ready for the upswing.

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ISSUE 5: Mining industry draws over 40,000 to MINExpo: Caterpillar presents show’s largest exhibit

In September 2008, the National Mining Association hosted their largest MINExpo event to date in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. With nearly 42,000 registered attendees and 1,300 exhibitors from all over the world, MINExpo 2008 allowed representatives from every aspect of the mining industry to show their products, technologies, people and services to the entire industry.

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ISSUE 5: Mining industry employs creative solutions to solve skills shortage: Workforce development is critical focus for many companies

While maintaining a workforce with the specialized skills necessary for mining has always been a challenge, the industry has faced a true skills crisis in recent years. This decline can be attributed to a number of factors, including decreases in commodities prices; but what’s important is finding solutions. Companies around the world, including Caterpillar, are working on innovative ways to better educate existing workers and draw new, young employees to the field.

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ISSUE 5: The Men of the Deeps: Shining a light on the miner’s life

Coal mining is a way of life in many parts of the world, with its own rich history and traditions. The Men of the Deeps, a choir of working and retired coal miners from an island in Nova Scotia, Canada, help to preserve their region’s history through song. In 2008, the group performed at a Caterpillar event as part of MINExpo in a moving tribute to the hardworking men and women of the mining industry. » Read more
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