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safest year ever completed

U.S. mines complete safest year ever: Deaths drop to new lows in 2015

Mines in the United States completed their safest year ever in 2015, recording the fewest fatalities in the history of American mining.

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Pinnacle mine breaks world record

ISSUE 11: Pinnacle mine breaks world record for plow production

The Cat plow at Pinnacle longwall mine in West Virginia, USA, broke a world record for plow production in 2012 — and again in 2014.

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ISSUE 11: Plows vs. shearers? Seam width is the determining factor

Plows have surpassed shearers as the cutting tool of choice for thin-seam longwall mining.

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Dozer delivers 20 years of services

ISSUE 11: Cat® Dozer delivers 20 years of reliable service in coal-rich Mongolia

A Cat Dozer has been providing reliable service at the Shivee-Ovoo mine in Mongolia for more than 20 years.

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Considering ground control challenges when selecting mining equipment

More than 250 mining industry professionals and dozens of experts, including a Caterpillar highwall mining specialist, gathered in July 2014 for the 33rd International Conference on Ground Control in Mining.

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