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Controlling dust and improving performance

Controlling dust and improving performance with new water delivery system

In a dry, arid climate like the one at Kinross Gold’s Paracatu mine in Brazil, constant mining activity means constant production of dust. Controlling this dust is essential for the health and safety of personnel on-site, but to protect the residents of the surrounding community. The site recently purchased a Cat 777G Off-Highway Truck Bare Chassis with the integrated Cat Water Delivery System (WDS) to help in this effort.

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ISSUE 10: Scale studies help mining companies maximize payload, increase production

As mines around the world look for ways to lower their operating costs, a number of them are beginning to recognize a tool that can make a significant contribution in this effort: Scales. Whether they are permanent fixtures or temporary installations for a one-time study, scales make it possible for mines to lower costs by helping them maximize payload, increase production, increase efficiencies, reduce fuel usage and more.

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ISSUE 9: Production and maintenance. One team and one goal: Productivity.

Mine sites measure productivity by the volume of material they move — and the greater that number, the greater their profitability. All facets of mining operations have an effect on this important number, from the costs of the equipment, to the efficiency of production, to the frequency of maintenance. It’s important to realize the interdependence of these areas — in particular production and maintenance. When these entities work together, they can deliver the lowest cost per unit of material moved, and ultimately the greatest profitability possible.

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ISSUE 8: Rebuilding machines deep underground: Cat dealer delivers a maintenance solution for Cargill’s Cayuga salt mine

Cargill Deicing Technology’s Cayuga mine is located 701 meters (2,300 feet) under a lake in New York, USA. Getting parts and machines into the mine can be a challenging endeavor. As the mine sought to improve the performance of its fleet of load-haul-dump loaders, the solution was to perform a Cat Certified Rebuild — without ever removing the machines from their underground home.

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ISSUE 8: Boliden Aitik mine benefits from focus on contamination control

Contamination control is an important part of any mining operation, which is why Caterpillar and Cat dealers routinely offer training on the subject to help customers reduce waste and increase component life. When the Boliden Aitik mine in Sweden expanded operations, Cat dealer Pon Power and Caterpillar Global Mining provided on-site training to help Boliden employees manage their consumables and fluids more safely and efficiently to reduce both costs and environmental impact. » Read more
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