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The basics of contamination control

ISSUE 11: The basics of contamination control

Simon Bishop, contamination control market professional at Caterpillar, shares best practices for sites to begin reaping the benefits of this important activity.

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Addressing the Risks of Fatigue

In this webinar, Caterpillar Global Mining subject matter expert Craig Watkins explores the risks associated with operator fatigue and distraction, and shares some tips and tools — including the latest technologies — for addressing this important topic.

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A decade of contamination control, a decade of savings

ISSUE 11: Minera Alumbrera: A decade of contamination control, a decade of savings

The first Caterpillar customer mine to achieve a Five-Star Contamination Control designation recently celebrated 10 consecutive years of maintaining that designation.

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Taking control underground

ISSUE 11: Taking control underground: Glencore mine takes maintenance to a new level

Glencore’s Nickel Rim South mine is the first underground mine ever to achieve a Caterpillar Certified Five-Star Contamination Control designation.

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Top 8 reasons to conduct a scale study

Scale studies:
8 ways a scale study can improve your bottom line

A scale study can help a mine operate more productively, efficiently and cost-effectively.

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