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wheel dozer

Wheel dozers help mines increase efficiency of production fleet

Mining support machines like track dozers, motor graders and wheel dozers help mines improve productivity as they make it possible for the loading and hauling equipment to do their jobs more efficiently. These support machines do similar jobs, and it’s important to understand their differences to ensure they are being used in the right application to deliver their full value.

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rotary drill

Drills delivering impressive results in Australia’s mining regions

Relatively new to the Australian mining market are rotary blasthole drills built by Caterpillar. In the last several years, these drills have begun to make a significant impact in some of the country’s most prominent mining regions, delivering record-breaking results in availability.

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high-hour milestones

Process excellence leads to high-hour machine milestones

By combining sound maintenance practices with good operating techniques, mines are having success in extending the lives of their machines and reaching high-hour milestones. A number of Cat® 24H Motor Graders in multiple locations around the world have recently reached 100,000 hours.

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9 steps to better haul roads

9 ways to ensure haul roads are an asset — not a liability

Well-designed and maintained haul roads a have a significant impact on productivity and costs. When haul roads are kept in top condition, trucks run faster and more safely, cycle times improve and more ore is produced. Good road conditions also reduce truck maintenance, lower fuel costs and reduce tire damage. There are several key activities that will ensure haul roads are kept in top condition.

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Cat MineStar Productivity Webinar

Caterpillar Global Mining subject matter expert Randy Schoepke explores tips and best practices for increasing productivity in mining operations. Topics include: increasing ROI, improving utilization and honing operator skills.

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