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Fatigue and distraction management

ISSUE 11: Fatigue and distraction management: Improving safety through technology and continuous improvement

Fatigue risk management systems can help improve safety for operators and other personnel on site.

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Controlling dust and improving performance

Controlling dust and improving performance with new water delivery system

In a dry, arid climate like the one at Kinross Gold’s Paracatu mine in Brazil, constant mining activity means constant production of dust. Controlling this dust is essential for the health and safety of personnel on-site, but to protect the residents of the surrounding community. The site recently purchased a Cat 777G Off-Highway Truck Bare Chassis with the integrated Cat Water Delivery System (WDS) to help in this effort.

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Change management makes the difference

ISSUE 11: Change management makes the difference: Overcoming preconceptions to ensure the successful deployment of autonomous haulage

While operators may be resistant to change when it comes to new technology, a good change-management process can help reduce or even overcome that resistance.

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Women’s coalition shares importance of mining industry with U.S. leaders

Nearly 50 women from the mining industry recently participated in the Women’s Mining Coalition (WMC) fly-in in Washington, D.C., where they helped legislators understand what mining means in terms of jobs and how safety and environmental responsibility are key components of the industry today.

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Considering ground control challenges when selecting mining equipment

More than 250 mining industry professionals and dozens of experts, including a Caterpillar highwall mining specialist, gathered in July 2014 for the 33rd International Conference on Ground Control in Mining.

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