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high-hour milestones

Process excellence leads to high-hour machine milestones

By combining sound maintenance practices with good operating techniques, mines are having success in extending the lives of their machines and reaching high-hour milestones. A number of Cat® 24H Motor Graders in multiple locations around the world have recently reached 100,000 hours.

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Cat 18M3 motor grader

Motor graders maximize truck fleet performance

Motor graders have an essential role in haul road construction and maintenance, blasting cleanup, loading area cleanup, reclamation and snow removal. To help mine sites in their haul road efforts, Caterpillar recently added a new model to its motor grader lineup.

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16M3 Motor Grader

Caterpillar updates motor grader with greater fuel efficiency and power

Motor graders, the machine of choice for haul road maintenance activities, have a direct impact on how productively other machines can operate. Caterpillar recently launched a new and improved Cat® 16M3 motor grader to help miners more cost-effectively handle this important job.

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ISSUE 1: The last mile from every tire: How haul road maintenance can extend tire life

Tires were once simply considered part of the cost of business; but as the mining industry continues to face a tire shortage, they have become as important as any other wear component. One of the biggest ways a mine can increase tire life is by maintaining good haul roads. While it can be a significant effort, keeping haul roads smooth, appropriately graded and clear of debris can drastically improve tire life and reduce operating costs.

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