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Revolutionary Cat® D10 Dozer marks 40 years of industry leadership

Since its introduction 40 years ago, the Cat® D10 dozer has been one of the most popular large dozers at mining operations around the world thanks to its size, power and dramatically different design.

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Cat Command for Dozing

Cat Command for dozing can help you increase the safety and productivity of your dozers by removing operator's from the machine entirely. Command for dozing is a scalable solution that ranges from simple line-of-sight remote operation to semi-autonomous operation of multiple dozers at once.

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Dozer delivers 20 years of services

ISSUE 11: Cat® Dozer delivers 20 years of reliable service in coal-rich Mongolia

A Cat Dozer has been providing reliable service at the Shivee-Ovoo mine in Mongolia for more than 20 years.

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ISSUE 9: Leveraging technology in its safety journey: Newmont mine relies on remote dozing to keep operators safe

Like most mining companies, Newmont Mining Corporation considers safe work performance a top priority. In 2009, the company launched its Our Safety Journey program at Newmont sites throughout the world. The program is especially evident at the Phoenix mine in Nevada, which has earned a number of safety awards. The site works with local dealer Cashman Equipment to leverage the latest technologies — such as remote control dozing — to keep people out of harm’s way.

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ISSUE 1: The last mile from every tire: How haul road maintenance can extend tire life

Tires were once simply considered part of the cost of business; but as the mining industry continues to face a tire shortage, they have become as important as any other wear component. One of the biggest ways a mine can increase tire life is by maintaining good haul roads. While it can be a significant effort, keeping haul roads smooth, appropriately graded and clear of debris can drastically improve tire life and reduce operating costs.

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