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Cat 24H motor grader Line

Process excellence leads to high-hour machine milestones

Motor Graders reach 100,000-hours

One more truckload per shift. The last mile from every tire. Every hour from every machine. In these challenging economic times, miners are doing everything they can to squeeze more out of their people, their equipment and their overall operations.

When it comes to getting more out of every machine, there are a number of variables to consider — from correct machine selection to ensuring operators are trained to use the correct techniques to following a proactive approach to maintenance.

Caterpillar defines Preventive Maintenance as high-frequency, fixed-interval, planned activities that include well-defined service routines, proactive defect detection and repair execution. Preventive maintenance activities provide a good and steady platform to execute and control the basic maintenance tasks, and also provide maintenance teams an opportunity to accomplish minor repairs at the same time. Each of the activities must be fully planned by defining the activities, procedures, personnel, time, tools, parts and consumables required.

Caterpillar has also developed a Proactive Maintenance Support System — a maintenance model in which the condition and application of the equipment are being constantly monitored to detect and schedule needed repairs before failures occur.

100,000 hour milestones at Alpha Coal West and Arch Coal

Achieving high-hour milestones

By combining sound maintenance practices with good operating techniques, mines are having success in extending the lives of their machines and reaching high-hour milestones.

For example, a number of Cat® 24H Motor Graders in multiple locations around the world have recently reached 100,000 hours. Caterpillar and the Cat dealers who support these machines are celebrating with customers and recognizing the efforts that lead to this significant accomplishment.

Representatives from Caterpillar Global Mining and the motor grader product group recently visited Sangatta, Kalimantan, Indonesia, to celebrate this achievement with customer PT Kaltim Prima Coal (KPC) and the on-site support team of Cat dealer PT Trakindo Utama. Three of KPC’s seven 24H Motor Graders recently reached the 100,000-hour milestone.

KPC manages a mining area of over 90 000 hectares (222,400 acres), including one of the largest coal mines in the world. The Sangatta mine has a production capacity of over 50 million tonnes (55 million tons) per year — more than 10 percent of Indonesia’s annual production. In addition to Cat motor graders, the mine also operates more than 160 Cat trucks.

The 24H Motor Graders, delivered to KPC in January 1998, have accumulated over 107,500 hours each. They’re part of a large fleet of Cat motor graders owned by KPC, including seven 24H models, seven 24Ms, 10 16Ms and eight 16Gs.

All of the company’s Cat graders continue to work heavy hours, says Caesar Tanquingcen, a Caterpillar applications representative for motor graders. The mine’s fleet of 24H graders have a utilization rate of about 60 percent, and they continue to deliver a higher-than-expected availability of 87.3 percent. “This achievement underscores the 24H reputation of being workhorses, long after they’ve left the Decatur factory floor,” says Tanquingcen.

The high-hour models now boast a “100,000 Hours” sticker. “While that sticker makes the machine’s milestone obvious, it’s the world-class operations and maintenance practices of KPC, backed by 297 of Trakindo’s best and brightest people, that make this remarkable accomplishment possible,” says Brian Johnson, a Caterpillar Global Mining product support manager at Caterpillar Global Mining.

100,000 hour milestone at PT Kaltim Prima Coal

KPC has a team of mechanics and technicians who do the bulk of the regular repair and maintenance on site, relying on its Cat dealer for exchange and Reman components as well as machine overhaul services. Trakindo has an on-site branch that supports KPC operations, with 297 employees primarily focused on product support.

The dealership conducts regular site assessments to seek out improvement opportunities in the areas of machine application, maintenance and repair, and overall support of the mine’s equipment.

Untung Prihardianto, general manager of KPC’s Mining Support Division, joined Johnson in giving credit to the partnership involved in the achievement. “This accomplishment would not have been possible without the full commitment, trust and teamwork between Operations, Maintenance, Trakindo and Caterpillar,” he says. “The current business climate presents more and more challenges every day, particularly the need to be more cost competitive. The commitment, trust and teamwork between Caterpillar and Trakindo provide a high level of support that will allow KPC to confidently meet those challenges.”

KPC joins Alpha Coal West (Eagle Butte Mine) and Arch Coal (Thunder Basin Coal Company) as part of the elite group of customers whose 24H Motor Graders have achieved this impressive accomplishment.

“Truly remarkable accomplishments endure year after year and are made possible through daily process execution excellence,” says Tanquingcen. “Examples of these types of remarkable accomplishments are rare. So when we see one, it is a big deal.”

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